Mission Statement

What Am I Doing? Beloved readers—Xenites and non-Xenites alike! This Xena Revival Project is being written by a fan of Xena, yes, but she (I) is (am!) also an author, and has penned, and will continue to pen, different original stories. I love developing, examining, and giving birth to characters, watching them grow and mature, […]

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About the Author

So, I’m not just your run-of-the-mill Xena fan. Oh, no. I’ve been studying writing since I was 18, and I honed my writing skills at Emerson College and SAIC. I’ve been involved in many diverse art collectives and collaborations over the years. I’ve released two books, Anna, and Body of Work. I’m currently putting together […]

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The Story So Far…

Twenty years after Xena’s death, a withdrawn Gabrielle has stopped writing and has settled in an outlying village in Crete with her family. Now the village herbalist, she shies away from company and keeps to herself. Thousands of miles away in Japan, a group of monks, whose task is to guard the souls of the […]

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Revived, Renewed, Rediscovered

Xena: Warrior Princess left a powerful impact on millions of people during its time on air, and continues to resonate just as strongly today. Xena is an icon of female empowerment, love, friendship, and justice, and set the tone for many series that followed. However, the show’s abrupt conclusion left a majority of fans feeling […]

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